Our Story

We’re CurlyWurly. And we’re big into small dolls.

Started by two former advertising Creative Directors, CurlyWurly is everything a mass-produced, big toy brand isn’t. Made entirely by hand using ethically sourced eco-friendly materials, our dolls are no taller than a finger.

But small isn’t all. From the handmade fabric drape to the trademark hair to the tiny embellishments, every doll we make is unique by default.

So, what do our dolls do? Well, many things. We’ve designed them to be fashionable playthings (inspired by years of managing fashion brands). We’ve designed them to serve as reminders of what slowing down and being more conscious feels like (inspired by the liberating act of quitting our day jobs). And, we’ve designed them to be even just interesting looking dolls. What you take away from our dolls is really up to you.